Junior Drake

Junior Drake was an exuberant woman whose life inspired her family to turn her legacy into a brand. She was passionately confident, passionately giving, passionately fashionable. Here’s the story: Junior Drake was born Patsy Brown on August 20, 1929. She was a business woman and a mother. Before her entrepreneurship and motherhood flourished, Junior Drake tended to her dream of being an actress; she appeared in stage plays and films. But Junior Drake didn’t have to be a famed actress to show the world her star power. 

“I will be on stage even if I’m my own audience.”
- Junior Drake

Why are we inspired by Junior Drake? She was like us. She was a creator. She had dreams like we do and constant plans to build upon her dreams and make them a reality. She fought for her vision. Junior Drake’s story is a story we can all call our own.

“I don’t want to reach halfway. I love to make something
good and marvelous out of something ordinary.”

 - Junior Drake

At Junior Drake, we hope we have made something good and marvelous out of something ordinary. We make quality, fashionable handbags, but what sets us apart from every other handbag brand out there? Our muse -- the woman who inspires the brand. Junior Drake once received a compliment on her outfit and responded, “Darling! It’s not the dress, it’s the girl!” In honor of that awesome attitude, every Junior Drake bag is lined with a satin photo pattern of Patsy Brown. Our Signature Portrait Lining is there to remind women that...

"It's not the Bag, it's the Girl!"